Monday, December 04, 2006

The importance of hand washing

Hand washing is so important, it is the number one, best defense against bugs and germs!

These are the buggers that cause colds and flus.

Follow these five simple steps to keeping hands clean :
1 - Wet your hands with warm running water.
2 - Add soap, and then rub your hands together, making a soapy lather. Do this away from the running water for at least 15 seconds, being careful not to wash the lather away.
3 - Wash the front and back of your hands, as well as between your fingers and under your nails.
4 - Rinse your hands well under warm running water.
5 - Wipe and dry hands well with paper towel.
Turn off water using paper towel.

- Be especially sure to wash your hands:
- after using the washroom or changing a daiper
- after touching garbage
- before preparing any food
- after (and before) touching any raw meat
- after blowing your nose or sneezing
- after touching pets

Some spots to watch out for:
- doorknobs
- telephones
- the bottom of purses and bags (keep them off of eating areas or counter tops)


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